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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Base 11

A SAS program is submitted and the following SAS log is produced:

2 data gt100;
3 set ia.airplanes
4 if mpg gt 100 then output;

ERROR: File WORK.IF.DATA does not exist.
ERROR: File WORK.MPG.DATA does not exist.
ERROR: File WORK.GT.DATA does not exist.
ERROR: File WORK.THEN.DATA does not exist.
ERROR: File WORK.OUTPUT.DATA does not exist.
ERROR 22-322: Syntax error, expecting one of the following: a name, a quoted string, (, ;, END, KEY, KEYS, NOBS, OPEN, POINT, _DATA_, _LAST_, _NULL_.
ERROR 202-322: The option or parameter is not recognized and will be ignored.
5 run;
The IA libref was previously assigned in this SAS session.

Which one of the following corrects the errors in the LOG?

A. Delete the word THEN on the IF statement.
B. Add a semicolon at the end of the SET statement.
C. Place quotes around the value on the IF statement.
D. Add an END statement to conclude the IF statement.


SASGuru said...

Answer: B
The set statement needs a semi colon at the end.

Krishna Rajwanshi said...

Answer is B:
Errors will occur in log due to missing of semi colon at the end
Have some misconceptions related to
SAS Data integration studio,please guide me for the same

Patrick said...


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