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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The following SAS program is submitted:

libname sasdata 'SAS-data-library';
data test;
set sasdata.chemists (keep = job_code);
if job_code = 'chem3' then description = 'Senior Chemist';

The variable JOB_CODE is a character variable with a length of 6 bytes.

Which one of the following is the length of the variable DESCRIPTION in the output data set?

A. 6 bytes
B. 8 bytes
C. 14 bytes
D. 200 bytes


SASGuru said...

Answer: C

At compilation time, SAS finds the occurrence of the variable DESCRIPTION for the first time and sets its length as 14 bytes.

Avi said...

i think it shud be D.. 200 bytes... correct me if i m wrong...

Arunima Rana said...

Answer is C

chenna sunkarsa said...

answer is c

Ravi Kishore said...

Answer is C

Rujuta........ said...

Answer is C

pal said...

the 200 bytes for scan(some var) then u get 200 bytes. not for this it is C only.

venkatesh said...

D is correct

venkatesh said...

sorry C is correct answer

amenem said...

Agree with sasguru even if the conditional statement fails the variable gets the size of the charaters it is assigned to.

REKHA said...

it would take 14bytes..If it was particularly mentioned as LIST, then it would have taken only 8bytes by C

Aman said...

Answer is C. Variable,Description, has not been given any length. so, It will assume the length of the first value that it will get.

Unknown said...

SASGure.....i have one question for u plz answers many data sets can be use in set statement.i mean maximum no of data sets.

Unknown said...

c is correct

Praveen Kumar J said...

Anybody can you help to check whether an Array exist in dataset or not..........

Ryan Lo said...

Just like SASGuru said, answer is C.

sujan kumar said...

answer is C. if it is not correct me...

Dhaval Shah said...

answer c

SAS Cert said...

Answer: C

Try the link below for extra base SAS practice questions.

Good luck!

Varun said...

Answer: c

Abhijit Pawar said...


Stevina Rumao said...

answer C

xiao chelsey said...


H. C. said...


Harsh Mohan said...

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Priya Sethuraman said...

The Answer is C..!

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data salary;
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Bruce 40000
Bruce 35000
Dan 37000
Dan .

data employee;
input name $ age;
Bruce 30
Dan 35

data emplsal;
merge employee (in=ine) salary(in=ins);
by name;
if ine and ins;

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Harsh Mohan said...

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Chaithra L said...

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