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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Base 10

The contents of the raw data file CALENDAR are listed below:


The following SAS program is submitted:
data test;
infile 'calendar';
input @1 date mmddyy10.;
if date = '01012000'd then event = 'January 1st';

Which one of the following is the value of the EVENT variable?
A. 01012000
B. January 1st
C. . (missing numeric value)
D. The value can not be determined as the program fails to execute due to errors.


SASGuru said...

Answer D

The if date = '01012000'd then event = 'January 1st'; has a syntax error.
The date constant '01012000'd should be ‘01Jan2000’d.

data work.TEST;
infile cards;
input @1 date mmddyy10.;
if date = '01jan2000'd then event = 'January 1st';

illinois said...

Any more on this one Sasguru? Why do you have to use '01Jan2000'd for the date constant?

Geoff said...

That's just the way it was programmed. The date constant can only recognize and convert date values given in the format 'ddmmmyyyy'd . It doesn't recognize the given series of numbers as a date.

Krishna Rajwanshi said...

My answer is D:
Here there is a syntax error.
The date constant displayed as '01012000'd should be ‘01Jan2000’d.
Not enough,wanna something more related to SAS Macros

sai venkat said...

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