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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Base 51

The following SAS program is submitted:

data numrecords;

infile 'file-specification';

input @1 patient $15. relative $ 16-26 @;

if relative = 'children' then input @54 diagnosis $15. @;

else if relative = 'parents' then input @28 doctor $15. clinic $ 44-53 @54 diagnosis $15. @;

input age;


How many raw data records are read in each iteration of the DATA step during execution?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4


SASGuru said...

Answer: A
Here we need to determine how many records will each iteration read from the raw data file.
Remember the trailing @ definition, the next input statement will read from the current record in the same datastep iteration…So when we are using @ the total number of iterations would be directly proportional to the number of records in the raw data file….
Take a hard look at each of the input statements the record ends a position 54 for diagnosis variable and a trailing @…so the variable age reads at probably 69 or before depending on the length of diagnosis…So each iteration would require only record from the data file.

siva said...

Answer A

Mohit Thakur said...
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chetan chavan said...

great answer thanks

RS said...

where is raw data where it is coming from?

Harsh Mohan said...

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John Sebring said...

I hate to be overly pedantic but the answer depends on the length of the input record. A shorter record will finish inputting prior to the 'input age;' being applied and thus act on the next record.

For Short data records, 2 records are read in while for longer data records only 1 record is read in.

data numrecords;
infile cards;
input @1 patient $15. relative $ 16-26 @;

if relative = 'children' then input @54 diagnosis $15. @;

else if relative = 'parents' then input @28 doctor $15. clinic $ 44-53 @54 diagnosis $15. @;

input age;
john children asdfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
mark parents asdffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
bill asdflasdfl
mary lkasdfjds

proc print;

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