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Monday, January 25, 2010

Base 38

When the following SAS program is submitted, the data set SASDATA.PRDSALES contains 5000 observations:

libname sasdata 'SAS-data-library';
options obs = 500;

proc print data = sasdata.prdsales (firstobs = 100);

options obs = max;
proc means data = sasdata.prdsales (firstobs = 500);

How many observations are processed by each procedure?
A. 400 for PROC PRINT 4500 for PROC MEANS
B. 401 for PROC PRINT 4501 for PROC MEANS
C. 401 for PROC PRINT 4500 for PROC MEANS
D. 500 for PROC PRINT 5000 for PROC MEANS


SASGuru said...

Answer: A
400 for PROC PRINT 4500 for PROC MEANS

Sandeep said...

AnsB I supose. Please have a look!

Avi said...

i agree wid sandeep

pal said...

yaa its ans is B

V.V. said...

Ans = B.

It is Last_observation - First_observation+1;
Hence answer is 500-100+1 = 401; and 5000-500+1 =4501;

sarabjeet's recommended hardware said...

but why it is so.What is the reason for this VV.
please mail me the reason on

siva said...

Answer B

SASGURU2 said...

B...B...I'll take B all day...

Geoff said...

The reason is that it will go from firstobs to obs, inclusive. So it will count 100, 101, 102, ... 499, and 500. Just one of those funny math things you've got to watch out for.

shalini said...

yes the answer is B

mark johnson said...

It is B
data data;
do counter = 1 to 5000;

options obs = 500;

proc print data = data (firstobs = 100);

options obs = max;
proc means data = data (firstobs = 500);

Amit said...

Answer is B.

Proc Print - 100th Observation + remaining 400 observations= 401;
Proc mean - 500th Observation + remaining 4500 observations = 4501;

H. C. said...


Shabaz Mohamed said...

Ans is B

nitin said...

Answer is B as Lastob - firstOb +1

Dutchy said...

The formula is: OBS - Firstobs + 1
NB: If there is a where clause, then you must perform this formula on the result of the output of the where!!!!!!
E.g., if you have a file of 1 million records, and after the where, 10 records left. then the total population is 10. If obs-firstobs+1 results in number of records > 10, then you will have only 10 records!

Sunila Hedawoo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sunila Hedawoo said...

yes, the answer is B, 401 obs read from proc print, 4501 obs from proc means.

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