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Monday, January 25, 2010

Base 50

A raw data file is listed below:

RANCH,1250,2,1,Sheppard Avenue,"$64,000"
SPLIT,1190,1,1,Rand Street,"$65,850"
CONDO,1400,2,1.5,Market Street,"80,050"
TWOSTORY,1810,4,3,Garris Street,"$107,250"
RANCH,1500,3,3,Kemble Avenue,"$86,650"
SPLIT,1615,4,3,West Drive,"94,450"
SPLIT,1305,3,1.5,Graham Avenue,"$73,650"

The following SAS program is submitted using the raw data file as input:

data work.condo_ranch;
infile 'file-specification' dsd;
input style $ @;
if style = 'CONDO' or style = 'RANCH' then
input sqfeet bedrooms baths street $ price : dollar10.;

How many observations does the WORK.CONDO_RANCH data set contain?

A. 0
B. 3
C. 5
D. 7


SASGuru said...

Answer: D
Remember the trailing @ definition, the next input statement will read from the current record in the same datastep iteration…So when we are using @ the total number of iterations would be directly proportional to the number of records in the raw data file….
The input statement in line 3 has a @..but it does not have a effect here…because @ holds the current record for the same iteration in the datastep.

Vikas said...

Answer is B.

geolson said...

concur with B

Geoff said...

Concur with D. Look at the programming. Each time you go through you input the first variable, style (so that's 7 times). You only end up putting in the rest if it's condo or ranch. So you have 4 partial records and 3 full records, for a total of 7.

shalini said...

I think the answer should be B as we have the trailing @ after the first variable

Gaurav Verma said...

Concur with SAS Guru and Geoff...even if the IF condition is not met (in this case it will not meet for 4 observations), it will fill up the records partially for the 3 observations with the variable "style". Answer is D.

neurosas said...

if style = 'CONDO' or style = 'RANCH' ; w/o then
only 3 observations; SASGURU can you comment on this

Nick. R. said...

SASGuru is right. I think some people might be confused because they are confusing the conditional statement for a subset. The IF statement in the data step is not a subset and therefore does not limit the observations to "condo" and "ranch".

Abhijit Pawar said...

neurosas see the statement
if style = 'CONDO' or style = 'RANCH' then
input sqfeet bedrooms baths street $ price : dollar10.;
will show values for CONDO and RANCH , but for others it will show missing values.
so there are all values for Style variable
hence answer is D : 7

To Fu said...

The answer is D. If there was an OUTPUT statement before the RUN statement (and add a DO and END) then the answer is B.

I found a similiar question in the practice exam. Maybe it will help you understand more?


The following SAS program is submitted using this file as input:
data work.houses;
infile 'file-specification' dsd;
input style $ @;
if style='CONDO' or style='RANCH' then do;
input sqfeet saledate : date9.;

Here there are 3 observations.

mahesh rimal said...

To Fu,
Very effective example, with DO and W/O DO.
Thank You

H. C. said...


Harsh Mohan said...

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