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Monday, January 25, 2010

Base 47

The following SAS program is submitted and reads 100 records from a raw data file:

infile 'file-specification' end = eof;
input name $ salary;
totsal + salary;

Which one of the following IF statements writes the last observation to the output data set?

A. if end = 0;
B. if eof = 0;
C. if end = 1;
D. if eof = 1;


SASGuru said...

Answer D
if eof = 1; identifies the last observation in the dataset

siva said...

Answer D

data rose3;
infile "C:\Users\siva\Desktop\prac.txt" dsd end=eof;
input name$ age weight;
if eof=1;

Harsh Mohan said...

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John Sebring said...

Actually the answer depends on whether the input file ends on the last observation or there are extra blank lines after that.

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